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08.07.2011, 20:30
Hi there,

I'm seeing a performance issue with Daemon Tools Lite version 4.40 when mounting images over a LAN through a gigabit switch.

I can copy the image itself directly and achieve 80-100 MB/s but if I mount the image from the network and copy the content I get 30-35 MB/s. Now I know copying the image and the content are two different things but 45-70MB/s seems like an awful difference.

The best way seems to be to copy the image locally at 80-100MB/s and then copy the content between disks 100-130MB/s.

Seems like there's something limiting transfer speeds of Daemon tools over a network. Any ideas ?

30.07.2011, 12:15
Apologies but... *bump*

02.08.2011, 15:49
Please contact our first level support with reference to this thread: Send Message :: Disc-Soft.com (http://www.disc-soft.com/sendmsg)
The forums present more of an user-to-user support and aren't regularly checked by the support team.
Still, sorry for the late reply :(

Just a random shot - i guess it's not related: Network bandwidth throttling in Windows 7 - Dave's ramblings (http://www.daveherbert.info/network-bandwidth-throttling-in-windows-7)