View Full Version : Windows can't find DTLite.exe

10.07.2011, 11:27
I've tryed tried to install Daemon Tools today, and after installing daemon tools, whenever I click the shortcut or executable file in explorer, he says that he can't find DTLite.exe, even if the file exists. So that the only way I have to mount images is using the windows gadget, that runs fine.

I have Windows 7 x64 installed, and I use Avira Personal as antivirus, Spybot as Anti-spyware and the windows firewall.

I've already checked my event logs and there is nothing in there related to daemon tools.

10.07.2011, 11:46
Did you check DTLite.exe even exists in your install folder of DT?

10.07.2011, 19:08
Yes, I'm actually trying to run it by clicking in to executable file.

10.07.2011, 22:22
Then most likely on of your security software is blocking access due to thinking it is a virus.