View Full Version : Network conected drive (SAMBA) with a winxp machine and d-tools

22.05.2004, 17:35
Operating System: winxp sp2
Burning Software: alcohol 120%
Anti-virus Software: none
DAEMON Tools Version: 3.41

hello there i must say that i would like to use your software so i can make image of my software and put them on my internal network server then i want to mount the image from the network drive.

SERVER with image <---- windows xp conected trought leter P: (network drive)

but this doesnt work deamon tools always give me error :(

is it posible? if so whats must i do.

thank you

22.05.2004, 19:03
Make sure full path to image is in all-caps, i.e., P:\IMAGES\IMAGE.ISO

23.05.2004, 02:42
i tried loading the file using the path and filename in full caps i get file not found error (but same path pasted in file explorer open the file)

when i trie to put the full path in cap inside the .cue file d-tools tell me "Unable to mount image.cue sheet: line 3 - first index must be 0 or 1