View Full Version : Virtual DVD-ROM's

14.07.2011, 04:25
Can i add a DVD-ROM virtual device ? and if i can how do i add one ?

14.07.2011, 07:41
Adding Virtual Devices | daemon-help.com (http://daemon-help.com/en/general_use_lite/work_with_devices_lite/add_virtual_devices_lite.html)

14.07.2011, 16:38
I need a DVD-ROM virtual device, not the default BD-ROM

14.07.2011, 17:18
And why do you need so badly a DVD-ROM virtual drive?
BD-ROM is the same as DVD-ROM, it just supports BD images.

14.07.2011, 17:22
I'm trying to install Star Wars Battlefront, but for some idiotic reason it needs a DVD-ROM drive to run the game :S

14.07.2011, 22:32
How did you create your image?

15.07.2011, 01:02
Never mind i fixed it :), thanks anyways for your help.

06.12.2011, 04:03
Never mind i fixed it :), thanks anyways for your help.

i have same problem with you, which is the game installation search a ROM with DVD-ROM not BD-ROM. can you describe how you fix it ?

06.12.2011, 18:00
It doesn't matter whether it is a DVD-ROM or a BD-ROM. BD-ROM is backwards compatible.
The protection is looking for a specific disc - not a specific drive type.

Which error message do you get ?
And same question as before: how did you create your image ?