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17.07.2011, 22:38
I have a project in Autoplay Media Studio, from a button mount an ISO image with the following parameter: "-mount 0," Autoplay \ \ Docs \ \ example.iso "

The image is mounted correctly, I use Daemon Tools Lite version for 4356-0091, update the version of Daemon Tools Lite 4402-0131 with which the parameter no longer works for me.

The parameter works only if I get the specified image path eg C: \ example.iso. The problem is that the first route is in the DVD drive or run it from different locations on my hard drive or different drives.

This problem does not happen with the 4356-0091 version, how I can specify the path for me to work properly?


Excuse my bad English

17.07.2011, 23:04
Try writing %cd%\ before Autoplay.