View Full Version : Problems with Online DLL Translator and DTPro Translator

01.08.2011, 04:28
Hello, Translator

I have problem using the online dll translator, it wont save the translation string. I try all options but no pharse was translate. Any suggestion?

I also try DTPro Translator, after all
pharse was translate and process to create dll file, the result is unexpected, its only 2 kb with no translation. Any help?

Thank you for the help and suggestion.


01.08.2011, 06:47
You have to download the compiler (Get compiler) and extract the files contained in zip file into folder "Resources" of compiler and then you have to run Create.bat.

Please try another browser and/or no script/ad blocker regarding non-saving.

01.08.2011, 07:04
It seems there is some problem with Indonesian language in Translator :( I'll report it to responsible developer.
Sorry for inconvenience!

01.08.2011, 11:03
Fixed. Please check.