View Full Version : windows crash when trying to remove a virtual device/uninstalling daemon tools

05.08.2011, 20:04
can someone help me with the following problem:

mounting and unmounting images goes fine, but whenever i want to remove a virtual device my screen becomes completely blue with the following error messages: windows has been shut down to prevent damage to your computer... and some thing about contacting etc. the first time this happend my pc shut itself down automatically and when i rebooted it i couldn't start daemon tools for a while, it always asked me to reboot the pc. when i tried it again today the only way to get my pc to restart was to remove the battery (which probably isn't very healthy)

I've already read some post similar to this problem but never have i read about a windows shutdown.

any help is welcome

05.08.2011, 21:35
Please post latest minidump file (c:\windows\minidump), it is possible you have to compress it (zip file) with e. g. Winzip, Winrar etc.

06.08.2011, 12:01
Here it is.

thanks for replying so fast

06.08.2011, 14:15
Please remove "PxHelp20.sys".

06.08.2011, 14:33
remove from where?

06.08.2011, 14:52
Please also have alook here: http://forum.daemon-tools.cc/f19/cant-uninstall-daemon-tools-pro-28614/#post132968

06.08.2011, 15:49
remove from where?