View Full Version : how to include game patches/updates in image

08.08.2011, 13:20
Hi there, am new to DT Pro Strd and just would like to know how do I download game patches, updates, extras, maps etc. and then include such updates into an existing mdx image for a given game?

I have just created my first image for FARCRY and it works fine, but now I would also like to get the patches and extras.

Alternatively is it possible to install a game from its original disc, then download and install any patches/updates etc. in the conventional manner and then only make an image from the game directory on the PC?

Would appreciate any advice.

08.08.2011, 14:24
Short answer : not possible
Reason : it would adjust the image, probably destroying the protection signature, which would result in the copy protection detecting a copy..

Easy option : make your own iso image containing the game updates etc, with a nice folder layout and update as / when needed

08.08.2011, 14:50
Hi there and many thanks for the feedback. So you mean making an ISO directly from the game directory on my hard drive, i.e.:

C:\Program Files (x86)\Activision\Call of Duty 2

and if so, is it possible to do this with DT Pro Standard or what program would I need for this?


10.08.2011, 15:49
Naw i just meant to make an iso image (which you can burn later once its full) containing the patch installers etc...