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11.08.2011, 18:25
I'm currently getting a blue screen when attempting to boot.
It's the STOP 0x0000007B (0xF78F7528,0xC0000034,0x00000000,0x00000000) error.
I'll explain the events that led up to this problem:
I was checking my system for rootkits by using a tool (don't remember the name) that lets you see hidden drivers that are being used by the system.
The first thing I noticed was something called a84yjlusomethingorother.dll (I can't remember the exact name).
After hunting around for references to it's load address and file size I finally just tried to wipe it (though I couldn't really tell if it worked or not with it being hidden and all).
Only later did I notice that the ID of one of my DT virtual SCSI drives was a84yljusumthin.
This has led me to assume that it was actually a device driver for the virtual drive.
I went into DT and removed the virtual drive before attempting to hibernate my laptop. Except hibernate didn't work. Every time I told it to hibernate it would start the procedure and then immediately drop back to the desktop.
Eventually I just shut it down since it was late anyway.
Upon booting this morning it just keeps showing me that blue error screen.
I've tried booting into safe mode and hitting ESC when it asks whether to load SPTD.sys but that didn't help.

According to MS documentation that error code (see above) is characteristic of either boot sector viruses, or device driver failure, usually relating to storage devices.
But why would the DT virtual drive be required for system start up? Or is it just a problem with Windows expecting to find a driver that suddenly isn't there (oops)?

Any ideas?

11.08.2011, 18:31
Did you change your SATA status to AHCI/RAID/IDE?

11.08.2011, 18:45
In my BIOS settings?
I haven't changed any BIOS settings in quite a while.

11.08.2011, 19:00
Please just check the BIOS settings.
Above means hdd interface doesn't match with installed interface driver.

11.08.2011, 19:34
Just checked. There are no options to change any HD interfaces in the BIOS.

12.08.2011, 06:16
Well, I finally just re-installed Windows.
Thanks for trying to help anyway.