View Full Version : Dameon tools lite wont install for me

23.08.2011, 20:51
Right i have had this problem for awhile i have a Windows 7 64 bit computer and every time i try to install Daemon tools lite it crashes a little bit into the installation is there any way around this like if i downloaded all the files in a zip and then just unziped them and ran it from that could it be just my computer? this is the instillation file i was trying to use DTLite4402-0131 and can't find any other versions so if people could direct me towards other versions or any other way to possibly fix this it'd be a wonderful help

23.08.2011, 22:21
Which language do you use for installation?
Also please try the latest version - DTLite 4.41.3 (Disc-Tools.com (http://disc-tools.com/download/dtlite)).