View Full Version : Can't reinstall Deamon tools

29.08.2011, 08:06

I run windows 7 64bit, if you need any more info, ofcourse just ask :)

I had Daemon tools installed and was playing a game with the iso mounted. Then I got a BSOD and the error was something about the sptd.sys.
After rebooting, Daemon tools didn't load, so I tried updating sptd.sys and rebooting, to no awail.
After that I uninstalled Daemon tools and stpd.sys, and downloaded the newest version of DT again, and tried reinstalling. But now whenever I run the Daemon tools install noting happens. I can see the installer running for 5-10 seconds in the windows task manager, but after that the program just diasppers from the list. Nothing shows on screen.
Any clues to what I might do to get it working again?


29.08.2011, 08:26
Please post that minidump.

Which security software are you using?

29.08.2011, 13:34
I'm only using Microsoft Security Essentials for antivirus, no other programs.

Here is the minidump www.rome.dk/082711-19110-01.dmp