View Full Version : merging or combining two safedisc images into one

13.09.2011, 20:40
Okay. I got Command & Conquer Tiberian Sun from a friend. I can't use the origanal discs as they are to damaged(hence I got them free) and so I've created disc images of both using a P.C with a less sensitive laser and the images work great however inorder to play the game fully I need both discs in inorder to swap sides in campain so I mounted them to two drives but I want to know if I can merge the two discs in some way. I like working disc images over cracks as they tend to mess up the game. Any advice or info would help thanx
P.S I have one of the latest daemon tools that alows you to edit images

14.09.2011, 00:54
If you would merge them they won't start the game as TOC would be modified.