View Full Version : System Tray Popup Only When Using Virtual Device?

15.09.2011, 11:26
I have been using Daemon Tools for some time now, and it was set up exactly how I wanted it - DT was 'hidden' from view, and if I mounted a disk with DT, the system tray icon would show up, allowing me to right-click and do things without calling up the main DT window. When I removed all virtual devices, the tray icon would disappear.

But recently I had to do a full wipe and reinstall, including DT. Now I cannot figure out how to set DT up to be the way it was. I tried enabling Tray Agent, but that only makes the icon appear on startup and stay there, whether I have any virtual devices running or not. I don't really want the icon appearing on startup either.

Can I do anything to get it back how I liked it?

15.09.2011, 21:49
DAEMON Tools Lite has no described functionality. Perhaps you used some very old version.