View Full Version : Limit recording speed?

17.09.2011, 18:35
Does the free/lite version limit the recording speed?

18.09.2011, 00:13
What do you mean? Recording speed depends on your physical drive and inserted disc.

18.09.2011, 16:34
Thanks for the reply -- if the hardware support multiple speeds, 8x to 52x, will the lite version force the slowest speed?

18.09.2011, 18:23
If you're talking about reading speed: there is no limitation in the lite version.
If you're talking about writing speed: DT lite alone can't burn at all.
But if installed, it can use Astroburn lite for burning images - and in this case there is also no speed limitation.

19.09.2011, 20:24
Hello -- Thanks for the info -- my question was about astoburn -- I thought I was posting in the astoburn forum --

19.09.2011, 21:30
...I thought I was posting in the astoburn forum --This must be the little detail that i've missed :shame: