View Full Version : Hard Drive / Daemon tools glitch?

27.05.2004, 01:01
Operating System: WIN XP
Burning Software: alcohol 120
Anti-virus Software: MaCaffe
DAEMON Tools Version: 3.61

Okay, i have an iso of dungeon siege... i installed the game using daemontools and everything was running smoothly, i turn off my system and goto sleep, now the next day i come back and i look at my C: drive and it has the picture of the dungeon siege cd image thing... now what i dont get it when i double click on it, it does nothing. When i right click on it, it has an autoplay option. I can still explore the drive and stuff but im wonder how/why the hell this happened? is there anyway to fix it? I think some programs cant sense where the C: drive is and crash as soon as they try to find them (IE: Flashget)

27.05.2004, 11:38
I don't think this is related with Daemon Tools, check at your drive C root if you have a file named AUTORUN.INF and if you have delete it and reboot.

27.05.2004, 22:04
yeh that worked, thanks :D