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24.12.2002, 12:09
First of all: You guys on that board and especially the ones of you working on DaemonTools are doing an outstanding job.
The day before yesterday I had no clue about RAW Imaging and Recording, not to mention all that physical stuff about the sector structures on a CD. Well Sergei.Gradski's scoop on Securom 4.8x is awesome.

So I learned a lot about that stuff within hours.
But the purpose of my thread is one question:

I know it is possible to make a perfect image of e.g. Gothic 2 and that you can mount it with DT.
And I know that Blindwrite can in some way emulate the sector reading delay with the MDS-files.
But did anyone anywhere anyhow make a REAL BACKUP of the 3rd Gothic 2 CD, so you don't need a crack and don't need to mount the CD/Image with DT?
From another thread I know that you can burn the MDS data onto a CD with Alcohol120% and RMPS option enabled. But you still need to mount the CD then, right ?

Okay, I know I talked a lot, so I'll some it up in one question:


The Shadow

24.12.2002, 12:24
1. You do NOT need to mount RMPS-written cd-rs, you just have to enable the RMPS-emulation and there you go (next Daemon Tools version will have RMPS-emulation);
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2. probably noone will ever be able to do a 100% perfect working backup of this new copyprotection, because the physical structure can not be written. It may work for some time with twinpeak or Blindwrite but these backups will be identified and useless if the protection is updated.

24.12.2002, 12:35
So what the hell can we do about it ?
Buy every game twice, just in case a CD gets broken are scratched ?
or do we all have to buy one of those CD Pressing devices which are used in the CD Manufactoring ?
BTW: How much are those ? :P

24.12.2002, 12:55
hmm, I didn't get your point...

The new RMPS - Feature in Alcohol120% and next Daemon Tools Version allows you to play the Backup directly from CD-R...

This is what you want, exactly? To SAVE your LEGAL owned CD's from scratches or related stuff. No need for a 1:1 Backup anymore.

24.12.2002, 13:19
Read the RMPS-walkthrough (http://forum.alcohol-software.com/index.php?s=0279f1481f2cfc0c20ff578df7e77b2d&act=ST&f=18&t=1531&st=0&#entry7509) - it may help you to understand, why RMPS will give you something great for x-mas, and how to do it :wink:

24.12.2002, 22:30
Good idea, Copytrooper.

@theshadow: it would be best if you take the advice from Copytrooper and first read the walktrough.

25.12.2002, 11:47
The point of my second posting was to ask myself and other people if we are finally arriving at a point where software companies can really make their products uncopyable ?!
RMPS-Walkthrough is good and fine, but just like you said it yourself, copytrooper, "these backups will be identified and useless if the protection is updated."

@LocutusofBorg: What do you use your Backup CDs for ?

Merry Christmas BTW

The Shadow

25.12.2002, 12:30
The point with protection update was related to Twinpeaks and Blindwrite-method, if RMPS is checked by protection, RMPS-emulation will be updated, too, so backup will work again. Twinpeak/Blindwrite-backup will NOT work again - that is the difference.
And yes, these new protections made the games uncopyable in the old fashioned 1:1/perfect way.

25.12.2002, 14:51
Thank you.
Now I got it.
Was my bad.

The Shadow