View Full Version : Unable to add vSCSI or vIDE drive

14.10.2011, 16:55
I been trying to add Virtual IDE drive but have had no success in it.

When i click on "Add IDE virtual drive" it tells me it needs install SPTD-driver, it installs the driver and asks for reboot and when machine is rebooted it havent added IDE virtual drive to drive lists, i installed SPTD driver same time as installed DAEMON Tools 4.41.0315.0262.

From help > Information menu Daemon Tools says "SPTD version : not installed".

I have installed SPTD even from msi file in Daemon Tools installation directory but daemon tools still insists that i havent installed SPTD.

Operating System : Windows 7 Enterprise
Antivirus : NAV 2012 (disabled wihile installed dt and sptd)
Firewall : Comodo with Defence+ and Sandbox (disabled d+ and sb while i installed dt and sptd and still is disabled).

14.10.2011, 20:25
Please use the option to disable Defense+ which requires a reboot.

21.10.2011, 22:59
I have the same problem and i am on Comodo as well. I tried a lot of things and the results were the same!

26.10.2011, 12:11
Are you sure you completely disabled Defense+ module?