View Full Version : DT Lite 4.41.3 Issue.

21.10.2011, 23:56
Hi Everyone,

I installed the software along with SPTD 1.79. But after the installation when i go into selecting the emulation options I see all of them greyed out. I don't know why. Is this some sort of a bug?

Also when i add a SCSI drive, i am asked too reboot. Everytime! Shouldn't this be only once?


22.10.2011, 08:02
What's your security software?

22.10.2011, 10:29
I am on Avast Anti-virus and Comodo Firewall.

22.10.2011, 23:24
And Comodo's Defense+ is modifying data in memory and therefore the issue. Opt-out the option to disable it which requires a reboot. After reboot try again installing SPTD.

23.10.2011, 10:09
Yeah i read some of the threads and found out! Will daemon tools have a fix for this in its later versions??

23.10.2011, 18:17
Technically it is a Comodo issue as it modifies other's code without other program's permission.