View Full Version : Daemon Crashes When I Try To Intall It

24.10.2011, 18:51
Hey, there are probly (maybe...) other posts with this question, but im a hurry, so i didnt have much time to look around.

Anyways to the problem. When i try and intall Daemon it crashes after showing a small window, which seems to be loading something, but it's fast so can't see what. And it's everytime, i've tried to redownload the intaller, restart my computer.... but nothing really seems to work.

I've had daemon intalled befor, but when i didnt need it i removed it... I've seen in another thread that setting the langauge to Danish, can be a problem, and since i've had it intalled befor, maybe it didnt unintall that... i don't know...

Im running 'Comodo Firewall' and 'AVG Anti-Virus Free 2011' if that have something to do with it

I really hope someone out there have a way to fix this.



24.10.2011, 22:07
I would really like a fix soon... i need daemon for a program i need to use to do my 'homework'...

-A worried Galaxy

25.10.2011, 05:42
check the faq and search for comodo, you will surely find the answer