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27.10.2011, 08:18
I used the latest DLite with Window 7 32bit.
I already deleted PxHelp20.
When I clicked "Add Device". The little notification bubble popped up saying it was installing the driver, but almost immediately failed.
I use ESET NOD32 Business Edition

I did this No virtual drive in My Computer | DAEMON Pro Help (http://www.daemonpro-help.com/en/problems_and_solutions/no_virtual_drive_in_my_computer.html) but still not working


27.10.2011, 09:29
Please follow this article (http://support.microsoft.com/kb/314060) to delete upper/lower filters. Then check the problem.

27.10.2011, 14:01
fixed. Thanks:)

05.11.2011, 11:39
WHEN I instal some programs, every time that i want to run them, they want the disc to put it in the CD driver, Now i have bought your softward to make an image from my CDs and then make a virtual Drive and mout the image and use my programs without puting the original CD In dc driver, BUT It does not work. would you please tell me what i should do?
Thanks for your help in advance.

06.11.2011, 13:21
More details, please.
Which programs ?
How have you created the image(s) ?
Which DT version and which OS ?
What exactly doesn't work (error message) ?

07.11.2011, 07:50
DAEMON Tools Po Advanced edition
I put the DC in CD Driver and then select make Disc image
So it makes an image from my CD then select the image by the help of add images and then mount the image and it makes a DT virtual Drive ,
which called BD-ROM drive (E:)
but when i want to run a program that needed to have a CD in CD Driver to run , it cannot work by means of the image, in other words, It says insert the CD and i have to put the original CD to run it.
My windows is vista Business 64bit

07.11.2011, 09:03
Which CDs did you try to backup?
Note that if you have protected disc, you need to select appropriate profile when creating a disc image.
Also try to mount created image to IDE virtual drive.

07.11.2011, 17:50
for example, Cambridge TOEFL(R) Prep, or Longman contemporary dictionary
what is the protected disc? would you please explain more?
I have tried it but but it still does not work.:(

08.11.2011, 17:57
Please scan disc(s) and installation folder(s) with ProtectionID (http://protectionid.owns.it/) (Rightclick -> Scan with ProtectionID).
Would you also please post a screenshot of the error message(s) ?