View Full Version : Starting Daemon Tools brings up a task bar icon, but no tray

29.10.2011, 17:33
I am using the latest version of Daemon Tools on Windows 7 x64.

When I start Daemon Tools only a task bar icon appears (like when you have an open window) and stays, but no tray icon comes up. There is no kind of window or anything like that.

In my tray all icons are displayed.

Also I have been using Daemon Tools for years without the slightest problem. It already worked on this system, but I have no idea what could have caused the problem. Of course I tried a reinstallation of both the Daemon Tools and STPD (I also tried it without STPD). I am out of ideas.

29.10.2011, 19:56
Oh and installing Daemon Tools adds an additional drive, so it appears to work.

31.10.2011, 09:51
Enable "Use tray agent" option on Preferences (General section).