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31.10.2011, 00:50
ok so this has never happened until i reformated my computer. im trying to install a game.
i mount disc 1 and install, no problem, now it asks to install disc 2, but when i locate the folder disc 2 is in, i cannot open the folder that the discs are in, in the browse. so i cant install the game cause i cant open the folder that contains disc 2 and 3. please help me, this has never happened before.

31.10.2011, 07:30
Where are those images located? Do you get an error? How did you create those images?

31.10.2011, 11:02
now it asks to install disc 2, but when i locate the folder disc 2 is in...How exactly to you try to locate it, through the game prompt, or the same way you've mounted the first image ?

01.11.2011, 04:27
no error blaz. terramex, im trying to locate it through the game prompt, which after thinking about it (and trying a new mounting program which does the same thing) i think its the iso, which dosent make sense because iv installed it before with no problem. I did find a solution by typing in the location of the file (drive (j:) that I mounted it on. none the less i should not have to do that.

01.11.2011, 12:17
Not quite sure i've got it right, but when the game asks for Disc 2 you need to use DAEMON Tools again to select the
second ISO - not the game prompt. If the installation happens in fullscreen mode you have to Alt-Tab to get access to
DAEMON Tools again and mount the next image


if the game allows installation from different sources create 3 virtual drives right from the start and mount all 3 images.
When the game asks for the next disc pick the corresponding virtual drive.

02.11.2011, 09:04
installation is never in full screen, i only mount disc 1. game installer,asks for disc 2, not daemon.

02.11.2011, 12:50
You said you try to locate the second ISO file through the game prompt,
but that way you can't mount the next image.
You either have to switch to DT during installation or use multiple drives.