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31.10.2011, 17:39
I just realized that the vSCSI drive completely disappears in the Daemon Tools Pro GUI as soon as I attach it to a physical drive. With an IDE drive attaching to a physical drive works.
I already tried to uninstall and re-install which did not solve the problem. Any suggestions?

01.11.2011, 09:48
Please specify your OS and DAEMON Tools version.

01.11.2011, 10:57
OS: Windows 7, 64 bit
DT Version: 4.41.0315.0262

I realized that when I add a second vSCSI device, I can attach that one to a physical drive without problems. But the first vSCSI still disappears as soon as it is attached to a physical drive. The problem ist reproducable on my Notebook (same OS, same DT version). DT Adapter is disabled.

01.11.2011, 12:02
Is that first vSCSI device present in Device Manager and Windows Explorer?

01.11.2011, 16:28
No, it is invisible not only in the DT Pro GUI, but also in Windows Explorer and device manager.

01.11.2011, 16:35
Are you sure you did not remove it accidentally? You can try to add maximum number of SCSI devices. You can do it rapidly via Virtual Device Manager. If you are able to add 16 devices, it means that device was removed.

01.11.2011, 17:12
Yes, I am sure. As soon as I right-click on the vSCSI drive and choose "Attach to physical device" the drive disappears! When I choose "Tools/Virtual Device Manager...", I can find the drive in the list of the vSCSI adapter, but with a "-" as drive letter since it is attached to the physical drive. But because it is invisible, I cannot use it! Daemon tools handles this invisible device as if it was there, because when I try to attach another virtual drive to the same physical one I get the message that only one drive can be attached to one physical drive. The only way to get rid of the invisible drive is to unselect it in the list of the vSCSI adapter or to disable the vSCSI adapter.

Strange enough so far, I did one more test as follows:
1) remove all virtual drives (vIDE and vSCSI)
2) add one single vSCSI drive which is now the only virtual drive in DT Pro and attach it to a physical drive (it disappears then, there is no drive shown in the "virtual drives" tab)
3) when I try to mount an image, I get the error message: "You need to have at least one virtual drive!"
4) add one vIDE drive and try to attach it to the same physical drive as I did with the vSCSI before -> error message that I can attach only one drive to a physical drive

Strange behaviour, isnt it?

01.11.2011, 19:33
In case you're using SPTD 1.78 please check the issue with SPTD 1.79 (http://duplexsecure.com/downloads).

01.11.2011, 20:29
Thx for the imput Terramex. SPDT 1.79 is installed on both computers.

02.11.2011, 12:18
One more question. Is that device visible in tray agent and/or in gadget?

We need special logs from your system:

1. Please, download "DTLogger.exe" from our server http://files.disc-soft.com/download/DTLogger.exe
2. Run DTLogger.exe and click Install.
3. Then select "Start Common logging" option and click RUN.
4. Reproduce reported problem.
5. Return to DTLogger window and click STOP.
6. Then click Finish.
7. Explorer window will be opened in user profile folder.
8. Find "DAEMONToolsLog.zip" file and send this file to support-eml@disc-soft.com with the link to current thread.

02.11.2011, 19:10
I sent the zip file as well as a desktop movie to the support team.
Directly after the vSCSI drive disappears, I is still visible. But as soon as I click the "mount" button and klick "abort" without even mounting an image, the drive is gone. I can provide the video which shows all these behaviour nicely via E-Mail if this helps. mp4 format, 1.3 MB.

03.11.2011, 11:46
Thanks! Please wait for answer from support team.