View Full Version : Please insert the original disk instead of a backup

10.11.2011, 09:25
When trying to run my disk image in Daemon Tools Lite I get the error "Please insert the original disk instead of a backup" I have purchased this game, I just like playing without the disk as my drive can be noisy and I would like to avoid the disk getting scratched.

I know this problem has been mentioned before, I have read previous threads and it has been mentiioned that using the securom profile on Daemon Tools Pro, will get past this problem, I was just wondering if this is still the case, or would I be wasting my time by purchasing Daemon Tools Pro.


10.11.2011, 10:24
That's still the case you need to create an image with DT Pro and SecuROM profile.

10.11.2011, 14:35
Thankyou for your reply

11.11.2011, 01:04
Sorry 1 more thing, will I also need Daemon Tools Pro to run the image or only to create it?

11.11.2011, 06:29
The vast majority of SecuROM versions does also work in the virtual SCSI drive of DAEMON Tools lite.

11.11.2011, 08:07
Thanks, ill give it a go.