View Full Version : A way to use DT w/o installation?

28.05.2004, 08:02
Is there a way to use DT w/o installation?

I want to burn an image and the d-tools.exe to a cd, add a *.bat-file which executes "d-tools.exe -mount 0,imagename" and so can load the CD on a computer which doesn't have DT.
Is there any way for this to do, maybe with AddOns or some other tools?


28.05.2004, 15:52
No, and I honestly don't see the use in this behaviour?? What should it be
good for?

30.05.2004, 17:10
If you can't burn a protection but mounted it does work it could be easy to burn a couple of copyprotection-holding games on a dvd and upon inserting the dvd he mounts the images.

31.05.2004, 02:46
this is already possible, you can burn your images to dvd and mount
them later with DT.

What I don't understand is the use of a non-installed Daemon Tools Version

01.06.2004, 16:55
I see what he means.

Like those really old games that you could run straight off the CD. Instead of it being the game, it's DT. Hence, you don't need to install DT to mount the image on the same CD, bypassing something or other.

I don't really see the point though. If you're going to be installing the game/whatnot aswell, why not let DT be on the system too?

05.06.2004, 15:24
To bypass a blacklisting problem perhaps?

07.06.2004, 21:10
I was thinking, theoretically, if you made an ISO of the files in the Daemon Tools folder and uninstalled it and deleted all it's remainders, then extracted the contents (with winrar) somewhere then you should be able to run it.