View Full Version : Image mounting problem - Doesnt mount - Windows can not access the disk

13.11.2011, 10:41
Im trying to mount a game, an image, first time using daemon but Ive screen shared my mate and he has the igzact same file and version of Daemon, and his works.

After he mounts his it auto plays, mine does not. Mine doesnt mount at all and It cant be opened from C/ . It just does not work.

Help please !

19.11.2011, 13:04
What Operating System do you and you friend have?
Does the game work if you insert the CD/DVD/BluRay in your drive?

19.11.2011, 22:26
Additionally, which DT version exaclty are you using ?
Where is the image located ?
Was the virtual drive created properly (no Exclamation Point in Device Manager) ?
Do other images mount fine ?