View Full Version : Roller Coaster Tycoon 1 Copy Problem

17.11.2011, 03:01
I apologize if this thread is out of place but I just wanted to ask real quick, and this seemed to be the most appropriate place I could find. So I'm not uneducated when it comes to computers whatsoever, but I am a bit of a newbie with CD burning. I copied all of the files to a folder, and burnt all of the files onto a disc using CDBurnerXP. The game starts fine, and can load and run saves fine, but I cant seem to start new games. I even re-burned all of the files from the working RTC disc and burnt them onto the new a second time and still no results. Any ideas? Thanks in advance.

17.11.2011, 19:34
Looks like the copy protection (Safedisc 1) kicks in only in certain situations :confused:
Anyhow, Safedisc can't be successfully copied the way you did.
You need to create an MDS or MDX disc image with DAEMON Tools Pro using the Safedisc profile.
You can now either burn it or mount it in a virtual SCSI drive of DAEMON Tools lite.