View Full Version : How to setup batch file?

19.11.2011, 23:21

I'm trying to setup a batch file that will launch Daemon Tools Lite and automatically mount a specific disc image. I've read through the forums and tried multiple things. Also tried a program that was supposed to auto create the batch file for me. But everything I've tried results in an error "error in command line". Even if I try to choose an iso from the daemon tools jump list, it will say the same thing. Does anyone know how I can create a batch file that works? I'm using Windows 7 32 bit

20.11.2011, 00:29
Please post contents of your created bat file.

20.11.2011, 14:40
Okie, the current batch file I have setup is...

DTLite.exe -add scsi
DTLite.exe -set_count scsi, 1
DTLite.exe -mount scsi, 0,"E:\StarTrek\ST25.iso"

20.11.2011, 21:14
Do you have SPTD installed? So far the file looks OK. That bat file is in DT Lite folder or else the batch file can't find DTLite.exe normally.

21.11.2011, 02:08
I actually figured out the problem. I removed the 2nd line, "DTLite.exe -set_count scsi, 1".
Then I changed the 3rd line to "DTLite.exe -mount 0,"E:\StarTrek\ST25.iso"
And yes, the batch file is saved in the dtlite folder :)