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20.11.2011, 22:58
Before I consider purchasing DT Pro advanced, I just have an easy question to ask... Does the application have the ability to emulate being a CD-R or CDRW? I want to fool applications into "thinking" i have a blank cd in a CD-R/CDRW.

The point being is that I have purchased songs from iTunes and although everything works fine in iTunes, I cannot play those purchased songs on my android phone. I have to first burn those songs onto a CD via iTunes then I can use either iTunes or another program to burn those audio files to MP3s; which would remove the protection. Doing this task via this process will take a lot of blank CDs on my part which I'm tired of wasting. But if DT can emulate a CD-R/CDRW and fool the system into thinking I have loaded a blank CD in the drive then I will purchase a DT license in a heart beat.

Thank you in advance!

21.11.2011, 00:43
DT Pro doesn't offer a virtual recorder.

21.11.2011, 01:32
You can have a look at the free trials of Phantom Drive (H+H Software) and Phantom Burner (Phantombility, Inc).