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21.11.2011, 17:15
I'm a network manager in a school and would like to start using Daemon Tools. I was wondering whether you still don't count that as commercial. This thread - http://forum.daemon-tools.cc/f19/licensing-educational-purposes-5587/ - refers to a page that doesn't exist any more as saying that you don't have to pay for the lite version for educational use, but I can't find anything more current. Can someone clarify please?


22.11.2011, 10:34
According to DAEMON Tools Lite End User License Agreement,

Free license: you are entitled to use the Free license of SOFTWARE PRODUCT only for personal and non-commercial purposes. In case you use SOFTWARE PRODUCT privately for commercial purposes or use it in a public commercial or non-profit organization e.g. in a company, university, library, Internet cafe or other public institutions then you must buy a license at https://secure.disc-soft.com/payment/dtLite.

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