View Full Version : How can I retrieve my license after a format?

30.11.2011, 15:35
Hello everyone,

I've done a format to my system before 2 days.

When I try to install DAEMON Tools Pro Advanced it asks me for my password.
I put inside my password but nothing happens, it says to me that I cannot install it and is already installed to an other machine!

Also! when I go to the website to retrieve my license from there (shouldn't be there?)
It says to me that No purchaces have been made lately, no passwords, nothing!

Please help me as I need to install the programs in my PC and I have the back up files as

Thank you very much.

30.11.2011, 17:01
Did you purchase DAEMON Tools?

30.11.2011, 22:51

30.11.2011, 23:02
Maybe this helps? Good that I keep my e-mails:


01.12.2011, 08:38
1. Open your account page https://secure.disc-soft.com/account/serials
2. Click "Show details" to unfold information about active DAEMON Tools Pro instances.
3. Click "Revoke" (the link is on the right side of the instances list)
4. After that you can activate your DAEMON Tools Pro instance again.

Contact me if you don't remember your registration email address.

01.12.2011, 11:20
I explained to the very first message that I don't see any passwords so to retrieve! No links, nothing! It says to me that I haven't made any purchase.
Please pay attention, that is my problem.
Instead I'm typing the same things and answering obvious questions.

Can you support me please? I want to move on and install my programs, is my buisiness machine. I don't want to install trials or any other software.

If any other information needed please tell me. You could just check the order ID in the previous image because to me it seems very odd. The product should be there listed! Weird.

Thank you very much Sway.


01.12.2011, 12:03
Make sure you use proper email to log in. You have a PM.

It seems that your screenshot is related to another account. I see no entries from your side to your main account containing purchased license.

01.12.2011, 20:09
Thank you Sway. I cannot understand though why the mails were coming to the other account.
Sorry for the hassle ^.^

Yay!, my Daemoon Tools back again! xD
Have a good day ;)