View Full Version : bug? messy results if eject image via explorer is used

04.12.2011, 18:50
When i eject images using windows explorer (x64 win7) by right click "eject"
they will not properly eject. Instead the whole drive letter will remove itself
from the explorer pane. The handles on the mounted file remain open and in the
overview of daemon tools itself the images are still mounted and the drives present.
Must unmount/eject them there instead of explorer to get clean eject and file handle

i use "handle" and "process explorer" by marc russinovich to check..

(im always on the latest version when i post..dont worry^^)

04.12.2011, 19:50
That is normal behaviour. Your Windows is setup to hide dvd drives which don't have a disk inserted in navigation pane.

05.12.2011, 08:32
Regarding the open handles it is normal behaviour of every virtual drive software if you eject the tray instead of unmounting the image. See also here: http://forum.daemon-tools.cc/f14/iso-locked-system-after-unmounting-28861/

05.12.2011, 14:31
ok...delete my post...it seems normal behaviour which i never noticed in numerous
years of using dt^^