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10.11.2002, 21:41
Hi. i have unreal tournament 2003 english, and created images with clone CD (latest one);
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using game setting. then i mounted it on daemon tools with all protection emulations on, and it doesn't work. plz help.
PS. i DO legaly own it.

10.11.2002, 22:02

this game uses Securom 4.8x, so use Alcohol 120% to create image with Securom 4.8x settings. Then mount it with latest DT and it will work.


10.11.2002, 22:57
Hey thx. Where can i get that? So I just burn it and mount it and that is it? How come "Alcahol" works and clone CD doesn't? thx

10.11.2002, 23:42
Burning Securom 4,8x protected games does NOT work!! The only way is to create an image with Alcohol or ******** (links are on our main page under 'Downloads') and then mount it with D-Tools or the virtual drives of the mentioned programs!

11.11.2002, 00:04
if i can't burn them, how do I back my game up ? :(. the file that alcahol created is too large to fit (7XXMB).

11.11.2002, 09:31
To backup the files you have two possibilities:

1. Compress them with WinAce 2.2 (it has the best compression as far as i know, anyone knows a better one?)

2. Use 800MB (90 Min) CDR media to backup the images. This is the way i do it. In my oppinion its not a good choice to us 99Min media, as these are to sensible and not working on some CD-Rom's.


13.11.2002, 07:57
@Sloopy_DE: I prefer WinRAR - slighty better compression, and a better GUI imo.