View Full Version : How does the RMPS method work?

24.12.2002, 15:56

Maybe you just have a dйjа-vu - I've already asked quite the same about Blindwrite's TwinPeaks method.

I'd like to know how exactly the RMPS method works - does it burn a hidden file containing the DPM information to the disc or what?

I am asking because I want to update the SecuROM v4.8x-information I posted some days ago... :)


24.12.2002, 16:26
You will not get an answer to that question, because otherwise we could tell Sony directly how it works ...

24.12.2002, 17:43
weelll... *grins*

Good point, I gotta admit I didn't look at it from that point of view... hehe...

Although it cannot be too difficult to find out if you reverse engineer Alcohol or Daemon-Tools or just have a look at what is different on the copied disc...

Well, okay, I understand that you won't tell, and that's perfectly understandable, at least in my humble opinion. Let's just hope we won't see Sony find a method to blacklist those RMPS-CDRs...

I wish everyone of you a merry christmas!


25.12.2002, 01:49
Yes, of course RMPS burns to CD-R something that is needed for emulation - that is obvious. But details are not disclosed due to reasons already mentioned. I can only mention that after RMPS is activated the application cannot see the difference with original CD, even on sectors where actual signature is stored - driver restores it dynamically.
Next Daemon version will contain RMPS emulation as well, so such CD-R/RWs can be played even on PCs with Alcohol not installed.