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31.05.2004, 09:51
Have been looking all over the site for info regarding support on .img-file.
An exact search on .img I can't do.
Anyway, I guess the topic of support to IMG-files have been discussed
on earlier occassions. I did see a thread where it was explained why
Daemon does not support img-files, but can't trace that msg anymore.

Whilst scrolling thru numerous forum-messages on other Internet-sites,
I discovered one single posting where a user advised to simply rename
the .img to .iso and then mount that file.
Sofar it worked fine with him. Much easier/faster than installing additional
software such as Isobuster.

After making a safetycopy of an .img-file I tried this out and indeed,
Daemon perfectly opened the .iso file (a movie-DVD).
I installed Isobuster to compare the output files (Daemon vs Isobuster)
files and sizes, they are 100% identical.

The solution is sooo simple.
It leaves me with the question: are there any problems i might be
encountering, things i should pay special attention to? any limitations?


31.05.2004, 14:53
You could have problems if your image is from a disc with more than one session or more than one track.

31.05.2004, 16:40
Wonder how is ISOBuster is handling this. I like Daemon and hope .img
support will be added, so I won't need to install addl software to do the

31.05.2004, 20:04
If img is single-track you can mount it already in dtools. As Nars said, you will have probs if it is multi track or multi session.

01.06.2004, 18:03
I am sorry: am no expert. What is meant with a 'single-track'?
Let me explain it from my side:
I have 1 file, so-and-so.img of abt 4.5gb
This one I rename to so-and-so.iso and mount that in Daemon.
In total it consisted of VIDEO_TS\22 files.

But as said,I am not an expert - what do you mean with a 'single-track'?


02.06.2004, 01:39
Audio cd's are an example of multi-track disc. DVD's are single track by design, so mounting it will be fine.

02.06.2004, 18:47
Thanks. Would it not be possible for Daemon to 'recognize' that the file is not a single-track file and alarm user that it cannot be opened, whereas in
all other cases (like DVD), Daemon can open it?
Just an idea...
tks n rgds

03.06.2004, 01:47
If iso is multi-track, daemon mounts it as one big single track. There is no reliable way to check if iso is single or multi-track.