View Full Version : I have 2 BDrom drives

23.12.2011, 21:56
I was trying to install BF3, But it wouldn't run. So when I checked out the screen under "Computer", it says that I have "BD-ROM Drive (I)" and "BD-ROM Drive (J)". I don't have either of those things. I have Windows 7, and DT Lite. I've been on google for hours trying to find a solution to this, but with no luck. Any help, please?

Also, I looked under "Common Problems and Solutions" for quite a while, but didn't see anything. So if this has been brought up there already I apologize.

23.12.2011, 23:46
Those drives are virtual drives from DT Lite.

And which error do you get exactly?

24.12.2011, 00:15
I don't get any errors, the CD just won't run. I don't know how to get my original CD drives back.

24.12.2011, 21:04
Wow. Well I found the problem. I hadn't reconnected the SATA cable after I installed a new power source :shame: Derp