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03.01.2012, 19:34
i had daemon tools 4.10 with sptd 1.78 and it worked fine. but i installed the new version DTLite4451-0236. and afeter reboot ting i got this window

DTSOFT virtual cdrom device Failure

i went to the forum and see that you tell to xomenone to uninstall daemon tol and rename cacheinf.1 anhd reinstall. i did this but nothing new.

i did also, in safe mode, deleting the key sptd in services and reinstall. but nothing.

What can i do ??

i'm on Win 7 Service pack 1


03.01.2012, 22:36

04.01.2012, 01:26
yes i wrote this question. i'm sorry but i didn't know if you'll see my question.

i use, like Terramex says, MS Fix IT and it worked.

i don't understand because i did all what i saw in the other threads.

replace cdrom.inf, rename cacheinf.1 .... but nothing worked.

it worked with DTool Lite i hope that it'll work also with the last version.

thank you.