View Full Version : Better release a new version of Daemon-Tools faster !

Lord KiRon
01.06.2004, 16:25
Well as a topic says , the new projects are interesting adventure and surely will be usefull so someone :twisted: :wink:
But we need a new version of DaemonTools ASAP ! :)

01.06.2004, 16:51
Don't request the moon here :mrgreen:
We're working on it and if you registered Daemon Tools, we would be even

Lord KiRon
02.06.2004, 00:55
And I throughDaemonTools registering is for organizations only :roll:
( http://www.daemon-tools.cc/dtcc/portal/dt_register.php )

Damn it , if you want money , just say it - put the "donate" button or something , $16 is not that much .

Personally I will register if you assure me that you will not discontinue it at least for another year , I wan't spent my money on the project that can be canceled any time because someone had a bad day or hacked your code without permission or something like that .

02.06.2004, 09:41
We already from time to time request our users to register, f.e. here:
Click ME (http://www.daemon-tools.cc/dtcc/portal/viewtopic.php?t=998)

What concerns your question, very few companys can assure you that they
will support their products the next years. Or in other words: This can't be
guaranteed, not from us and I guess this is the same for other projects,

And we never thought about discontinuing Daemon Tools for our customers,
at least our customers will receive newer versions for sure, I can assure you.
We leave the decision to support us to our community