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09.01.2012, 09:39

Being a happy user of the free version for many years now, I decided to have a look to the Advanced Pro version (well, 20 days before going back to free :o) ).

The problem is, I can't add any IDE drive, since each time I get the 'SPTD drive must be installed' message.

I reinstalled several times the SPTD after Damon Tools proposed it to me (through the SPTD installler but also directly from the registry, following to the letter this walkthrough (http://www.daemonpro-help.com/en/problems_and_solutions/registry_and_sptd_problems.html)), but also manually, though the 1.78 installer provided with the Daemon Tools installation and with the latest 1.79 (x64) installer got from disc-tools.

The SPTD installer says now it finds the same version (1.79), but Daemon Tools still asks me for installing the SPTD driver.

I even reinstalled Daemon Tools Pro, thinking it would change something. Nothing new.

I am on Windows 7 Pro x64.

Any help?

09.01.2012, 19:46
Please tell us which security software you are using?

09.01.2012, 22:16
In the meantime I found my way out... I read a post on the Web of someone having exactly the same problem as me.

It was indeed an antivirus-related problem.
I am using Comodo Antivirus, and even deactivated it didn't solve my problem. I had to uninstall it and after rebooting Daemon Tools was immediately capable of finding the SPTD service and adding the IDE drive...

That is one of the only trouble I had with this antivirus. I had no warning from it, no message, nothing. That's strange, the antivirus kinda thought Daemon Tools behavior was bad without even asking for user confirmation!

If you could work on that I would be grateful.

10.01.2012, 10:21
Unfortunately, it is Comodo problem. We are not able to fix it.