View Full Version : Daemon Tools crashes when I install an ISO

12.01.2012, 02:15
I need help. For some reason, when I try to install an ISO, the installation starts and
everything runs smoothly, but the installer randomly crashes and completely freezes my PC. I am forced to do the whole "hold-the-power-button-for-5-seconds" thing to turn off my pc. When I install the exact same thing with PowerISO, everything works fine, but I
unfortunately need Daemon Tools to bypass the game's DRM.

PC Specs:

Intel Core 2 Duo T6400 @ 2.00 Ghz ( I know, my pc sucks)
Nvidia 9600M GT w/ 512 MB Ram
4GB of Ram
500GB hard drive.

I think that's everything that is important, no?

12.01.2012, 09:10
Is the latest SPTD installed? Which DT version?
Did you use vSCSI/IDE or DT drive?

Also an ISO can't circumvent most protections.