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24.12.2002, 21:50
Hello everyon! Its almost christmas, hope everyone has been good this year. heheh Anyway, I went out and bought me and my son Mechwarrior 4 Mercs. I have done the one to one copy so that me and him can play on my home land. I have read everything carefully, and followed everything step by step. I used CloneCD to burn the .ccd and Daemon tools 3.26 to mount the .ccd with disk 2 of MW4MERCS. To burn I have a plextor cdrw. It still tells me that I have the wrong cd, please insert the correct cd and restart. I went into the reg and made sure that it pointed to my mounted drive, which is currently Drive I. I uninstalled and reinstalled using the .ccd images of MW4MERCS and still nothing.. Am I just not understanding something here maybe? Please help so my son can turn my mech into 100 tons of scrapmetal. Thank you all in advance, and merry christmas!! :shock:

25.12.2002, 12:32
For a beginning, don't use CloneCD. CCD has once been the best 1:1-Copying program, but that time is over - this title now clearly belongs to Alcohol 120% (http://www.alcohol-software.com).

I think it would be best to try it with Alcohol.
If you still have problems, come here again, and please do not forget to post your system specifications (especially which program versions you are using and which hardware (burner model!) you are using).