View Full Version : Age of Empires 2 Collector's Edition Make Disc Image fail

23.01.2012, 18:02
I'm using DT Pro Advanced v4.41. I used a-ray to check the disc and it said it was safedisc 1.5. i clicked on make disc image, chose safedisc with 3 retries on bad blocks, set the read speed to 50% (12X in my case), MDX image, no compression. I keep getting numerous "Read operation had hit a ECC/EDC bad (recoverable) block (xxx)" where "xxx" represents the block number. what am i doing wrong? are there options i should have checked but didn't?

26.01.2012, 14:21
Those bad blocks are part of SafeDisc.

26.01.2012, 15:56
Please have a look here: http://forum.daemon-tools.cc/f18/medal-honor-allied-assault-image-backup-28530/#post132756
Before trying the fastdump method please set the "retries on bad blocks" option back to 0.

26.01.2012, 16:03
is there any way to get around this? i had it running for 30 minutes and it only got 1% done.

27.01.2012, 03:23
it worked. thanks for the tip