View Full Version : Windows 7 SP1 install error 12004

24.01.2012, 16:57
Just upgraded a freshly reinstalled W7 to the W7SP1 and then tried to install daemon tools DAEMONToolsPro4410315-0262 for the first! time.
I always got directly after entering the serial number
"Serveranfrage fehlgeschlagen" Error Code12004.
I disabled windows firewall and removed the association of the key to my portable from the licensing server.
Any ideas?

24.01.2012, 22:38
Do you have any disc-soft.com entries in your hosts file (c:\windows\system32\drivers\etc)?

25.01.2012, 11:38
No. I used a freshly installed w7 64Bit enterprise system.
I know, that in my old system w7-64Bit System, the installation worked out of the box. Additionally, my installation right after windows installation, without too manny patches applied, worked too.
But when I installed the system, all provieded patches, including the SP1, this behavior can be repeated.
Here is a picture of the error message:

27.01.2012, 14:33
Please, contact our first level support team directly via this form Contact Technical support - Disc Soft store (http://www.disc-soft.com/sendmsg/techsupport)
The forum support is more of an additional support, and the real experts are not always around here.

P.S.: in case you haven't noticed yet, there's also a Customer support forum.