View Full Version : Installation doesn't work correctly

26.01.2012, 14:51
Hi there,

I'm having this problem with my installation of Daemon Tools Lite. The installation launches just fine, but after a few clicks on 'next' I get to the point where the setup configurates components, whatever that means. It says it might take a few moments. However, on my desktop it takes so long that I think it's not doing anything. I'm a Daemon Tools fan so I ran this setup quite a few times on different computers. Therefor I'm pretty sure somethings up with this desktop I'm on but I have no clue what it could be. It's not the download, since I downloaded it multiple times, with different versions of dtl. I even transferred the installation that's on my laptop to this desktop (they're both running windows 7).
Does anybody have a clue why the setups won't get past the 'configuration of components' point?

Thanks in advance,

27.01.2012, 18:32
Specify your DAEMON Tools Lite version. Check if disc-soft.com accessible from your PC. Try to open this link (https://secure.disc-soft.com/login).