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07.02.2012, 22:30
Hi everyone,

I'm new here so please be nice!

I use Daemon Tools Lite to mount my disks from guitar magazines as I have so many it makes it much more convenient, but for some reason, they keep opening as audio only with windows media player. Even when I am given the option of what to open them with, there is no 'run' command, it is all programs that see them as audio with just the option to play or rip the music. They are ionteractive disks that should run as they have video content too.

The odd thing is they used to work. I can't work out if it's an intermittent problem or just certain disks.

I've tried it with MDX, MDS and MDF files and they are all only opening the audio.

Do I need to remount them with certain settings? (Please say no, it took me hours!).

Can anyone help? Thanks! I have windows 7 btw.

Sezzie :)

08.02.2012, 09:03
Navigate to Control Panel/Hardware and Sound, and check your AutoPlay settings.

Which OS & DT version ?

Do you possibly have AnyDVD installed with this option enabled ?

08.02.2012, 13:29
Hi, thanks for your help.

The autoplay worked!

I had read lots about that but hadn't tried changing it in control panel as it was coming up with options rather than just autoplaying so I assumed that wasn't the problem - it's just that all the options were for audio only.

You're a star, and I'm a very happy bunny! If only all computer problems were such a siumple fix! ;)