View Full Version : Disable DT autoload on PC startup?

12.02.2012, 19:02

I have used Daemon Tool Lite in the past to mount iso images. It worked well.

Now I want to install it on another PC that is running Vista 64-bit.

However I only ever need to use the program every few months or so. I would like it if the program didn't load at all every time I start the computer. I would prefer to start the program manually, by clicking on it. It it possible? Or is it too deeply integrated into the system to be able to do this?


12.02.2012, 23:48
Open up settings and uncheck "Autostart".

Preferences | daemon-help.com (http://daemon-help.com/en/user_interface_lite/tray_icon_right_click_menu_lite/preferences_lite.html)