View Full Version : how do I mount .img files?

03.06.2004, 18:18
Operating System: Windows XP
Burning Software: Nero Burning Rom
Anti-virus Software: Norton Anti
DAEMON Tools Version: DAEMON Tools V3.46

how do I mount the .img files? I have the .img file and the .ccd file but how do I open it? I have searched the forums but havent found the answer so sorry guys..

03.06.2004, 19:14
Both ccd and img files must be located at same directory and you should use the ccd to mount in Daemon Tools.

03.06.2004, 19:43
yeah I already did that.. the .img file and the .ccd file is in the same directory.. and yes I mount it with the .ccd file.. when I do that I get a msg that says:
Unable to mount image. Invalid image file.

any clues?

04.06.2004, 11:31
Operating System: 98SE
Burning Software: lots
Anti-virus Software: AVir
DAEMON Tools Version: 346

do they have the exact same name? if so, then sorry... :) looks like time for re-creation then

04.06.2004, 16:52
nvm I just got it.. the thing I was doin wrong was that I was mounting the .ccd file and I should have mounted the .img file.. lol