View Full Version : "Please Insert Disc to Continue Insallation"

15.02.2012, 16:50
Hello All,

First time using DT. When I go to install an iso of Adobe Indesign CS3, I attempt to mount the files. I get a dialogue box that says "Initializing Adobe Indesign CS3" with two folders and pages flowing from 1 folder to the other from left to right. Then an Installer screen pops up that is titled "Adobe Indesign CS3 Installer: Welcome"By this time the status of the installation is stuck at "Progress"
System Check
Progress-- This is where the installation stops

Once it hits the progress part of the installation the green progress bars adv advance about 1/20th of the way, then a dialogue box pops up and states "Adobe Indesign CS3: Please Insert CS3 to Continue"

Like I say, not very familiar with mounting and installing iso's so any help would be much appreciated.


15.02.2012, 17:58
To be honest i don't know whether or not Adobe ever offered digital downloads in ISO format,
but i suggest to first contact the official Adobe support to help with your problem.