View Full Version : Need extra drive space.

19.02.2012, 20:59
When I mount an image to my virtual drive, it automatically makes the drive the same size as the file (for example, 440MB for Diablo 1). In order to run the game, it says I need 10MB of free space on the disc. Is there any way to get around the automatic setting and make the drive bigger? Thank you.

19.02.2012, 21:03
Please post exact error message or attach a screenshot.

19.02.2012, 21:14
"Hellfire requires at least 10 megabytes of free disk space to run properly.
The disk:


has less than 10 megabytes of free space left. Please free some space on your drive and run Hellfire again."

That's the message i receive when i try to run the game.

19.02.2012, 21:49

Here is the picture.