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23.02.2012, 14:01
after installing Daemon Tools Lite and having mounted to images on two SCSI virtual devices, I have, on my Win7 Pro x64, that the "Safely remove hardware and eject media" icon (in the system tray) lists the two images and (greyed) one virtual device (i.e. CLIVY 0P63W56BS SCSI CdRom Device).

Is there a way to remove these entries from the safely remove hardware list, without harming the usage of the two mounted images?


24.02.2012, 09:01
Just to be more clear.
I'd like those entries not to appear in the safely remove hardware list (that I reach via the tray icon) while the two images are correctly loaded and working via Daemon Tools Lite.
In WinXP Pro x86 this is exactly what happens: with the two images correctly loaded and working via Daemon Tools Lite, the safely remove hardware list is empty (and I like that).
I'd like to be able to obtain the same thing on Win7 Pro x64.

24.02.2012, 15:23
If the OS handles the SCSI ones as removable devices you can't exclude them from the list.
Even if there was a workaround similar to the one mentioned here (http://www.sevenforums.com/general-discussion/53711-safely-remove-hardware-eject-media-problem.html) it wouldn't work in this case cause
due to antiblacklisting measures the storage controller driver changes its name after every reboot.

If you don't necessarily need SCSI devices you can use DT devices instead.
They shouldn't appear in the Safely Remove Hardware list when an image is mounted.

24.02.2012, 16:07
I'll surely try DT devices!